Space Mechanic Simulator Update 1.0.4

Hello Space Mechanics!

Today we have patch 1.0.4 for you containing voice-overs for all missions. We hope they will add a pinch of immersion. In addition, we have fixed some smaller bugs. We are aware of a few more, but due to the vacation season the fixes may have been a bit longer, for which we apologize.

Full patch notes:
  • added voice-overs to all missions (we’ll be expanding this further)
  • fixed some gates not opening properly
  • fixed a bug causing crashes on older graphics cards
  • improved the placement of some objects
  • fixed pipes that could be removed without removing the holders
  • gently increased the pay for some missions
  • fixed some translations
A big update 1.1 is coming very soon that will introduce revamped diagnostics to the game. We listen to each of your opinions and try to implement them into the game, so that it meets your expectations.

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Atomic Jelly