Space Mechanic Simulator Update 1.0.5

Hello Space Mechanics!

Today we have another smaller patch 1.0.5 fixing bugs resulting from the implementation of voice-overs and some minor ones reported by you. We also rebuilt the dialogues in some tutorials to make them more understandable. Work on patch 1.1 is in full swing and extensive diagnostics are coming very soon.

Full patch notes:
– fixed issue with voices not playing in HUB
– fixed issue causing all past dialogues being read after load game
– fixed issue with one cable in training center
– fixed issue with one electronics tutorial always getting “Aborted” status (license was granted, but mission remained with bad status on the list)
– fixed issue with one mission in asteroid belt always getting “Aborted” status
– fixed some spelling issues
– updated some tutorial texts to better reflect gameplay
– slightly adjusted orbit in Uranus missions
– fixed flashing of cable ports when they obstruct removal of device – now only ports flash instead of artificially big squares around ports
– fixed bug causing quick inventory not scrolling to the left when scrollbar was no longer visible
– fixed issues with moon base causing mission completion message not showing up

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