Space Mechanic Simulator Update 1.1

Hello Space Mechanics!

This is a major update that unlocks the potential of this game, bringing more depth to gameplay. When given a mission, you will not be pointed directly to damaged parts. Instead, you will be pointed to an antenna, pump or other equipment that fails to perform its function. It will be your job to discover where the actual cause is. In many cases, one symptom can be the result of multiple overlapping malfunctions that all need to be discovered and dealt with.

This is where all the training and tools you bring with you really start to pay off. Get to know the satellites and bases you’re working with and understand how one thing affects another. Check if batteries get a proper charge signal and if not, inspect solar panels looking for visual damage. Yes, they’re detachable now! And if you just want to relax, you can change game difficulty at any moment from the in game menu – you will still get full guidance at easier levels. Of will also find multiple quality of life improvements, such as new trade slider or wire highlighting on diagrams.

We hope you will have a lot of fun with this update, and rest assured – we’re not done yet! Another major update is nearly complete – Moon and Mars surface missions with rover!

Full patch notes:

  • Diagnostics. Many missions have been updated not to show guidance on higher difficulty level.
  • Solar panels. They now produce electricity that is actually needed to charge batteries. They are also removable and repairable now
  • Satellites and bases now have some additional external electric boxes that allow to redirect power between solar panels and batteries
  • New slider to trade resources and items
  • Electric diagrams now highlight wires when you hover mouse cursor over them, making it easier to track connections
  • Added option to change difficulty level in game
  • Fixed bug causing gesture icons of background objects to show up when watching diagrams
  • Update and cleanup to several diagrams
  • Added small light to antennas, that flashes when antenna is transmitting
  • Translations fixes
  • Mission pay balance improved

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